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Give More in 24

2024 Is For MORE We’ve been hearing this from our pastor for the first couple of weeks of this new year. He’s absolutely right. The new year will bring more. Along with it, will bring more of what you believe, what you think, and what you feel. If you are in a season of abundance,…

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Christmas Is the Same Date Every Year. On December 25th, every year, without fail, Christmas happens. Mindblowing, right? You know this, yet maybe you have found yourself scurrying around purchasing gifts with money you don’t have. Suddenly, you have more debt than you intended. But it happens at the same time every year. So why does the majority…

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What’s A Budget Bucket?

No, we are not building sand castles. I promise. I’m talking about financial buckets. What the heck is that? I’m so glad you asked. A bucket is a budgeting term I use that helps when setting up a budget. Some buckets are mandatory, like the Four Walls. Other buckets are optional and should have a limited money allocation…

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