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Give More in 24

2024 Is For MORE We’ve been hearing this from our pastor for the first couple of weeks of this new year. He’s absolutely right. The new year will bring more. Along with it, will bring more of what you believe, what you think, and what you feel. If you are in a season of abundance,…

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For most of my life, I have had a hard time wrapping my head around the whole concept of fasting as a religious practice.   It had been explained to me at length, but I never reaped the benefits that others would talk about.  I would hear results like - “It gave me such insight!” or,…

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One Verse Challenge

In 2024, rather than the one-word challenge, I will focus on my version: The One Verse Challenge. One Scripture verse. Over the past 7 months of study, I have experienced a transformation from focusing and meditating on just one verse, rather than just reading Scripture to check a box. Is it important to read as…

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From Desire, To Dream, To Goal

Less than 24 hours after my marathon I was already thinking about what comes next. I know it sounds crazy, right? Koriann, take some time to relax and enjoy the moment! Trust me, I do. But I live from the endorphin rush. There’s this incredible feeling after crushing a goal that just makes me want to do…

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Heart Physics is not a program I had heard of. I would venture to guess that you haven’t heard of it either. But what you have heard of is “life coaching.” Now, let’s be real. It might seem like a buzzword, or maybe something on the trendy side that sounds a bit woo-woo, right? Totally fair. Woo-woo or…

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