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From Desire, To Dream, To Goal

Less than 24 hours after my marathon I was already thinking about what comes next. I know it sounds crazy, right? Koriann, take some time to relax and enjoy the moment! Trust me, I do. But I live from the endorphin rush. There’s this incredible feeling after crushing a goal that just makes me want to do…

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I Take It All Back

I need to take it all back. All of it. Everything I said before about meditation. It was the story I told myself. I said that it was for only those that can sit still. I said that it was for those woo-woo people. I said that it doesn’t work. And because of these beliefs, it would never work…

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I Love Pizza

I LOVE Pizza I seriously do. I love a doughy crust, the gooey cheese that blankets the top, and even the grease that drips. - ALL OF IT! And that might shock you since I do this health coaching thing, right? But what I don’t love is how I feel after eating it. The stomach pain…

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meal planning

Why I Hate to Meal Plan

Okay, maybe hate is a bit too strong. I sincerely dislike it. That’s more like it. The simple answer is that I find it an overwhelming time-suck. And honestly, every time I take the time and put in the effort, something changes. Then II end up not even cooking the meals I planned so hard for and…

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Soda Pop

Regardless of whether you call it soda (nope!) or pop (yup), I’m hoping this graphic might add a bit of perspective. So seriously, why are you consuming 22 packets of sugar? Instant gratification. But that’s where it stops and all hell breaks loose in your body. After it goes down the hatch, the party in your mouth is…

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