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From Desire, To Dream, To Goal

Less than 24 hours after my marathon I was already thinking about what comes next. I know it sounds crazy, right? Koriann, take some time to relax and enjoy the moment! Trust me, I do. But I live from the endorphin rush. There’s this incredible feeling after crushing a goal that just makes me want to do…

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I Take It All Back

I need to take it all back. All of it. Everything I said before about meditation. It was the story I told myself. I said that it was for only those that can sit still. I said that it was for those woo-woo people. I said that it doesn’t work. And because of these beliefs, it would never work…

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Limitless Living

We hear these phrases all of the time across our culture - The sky is the limit! You have no limit! There are limitless possibilities! I know when I heard these as a kid I thought I could do anything. But yet, somehow as I grew older, I felt like limits are all that surround me - Age limits…

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I Love Pizza

I LOVE Pizza I seriously do. I love a doughy crust, the gooey cheese that blankets the top, and even the grease that drips. - ALL OF IT! And that might shock you since I do this health coaching thing, right? But what I don’t love is how I feel after eating it. The stomach pain…

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meal planning

Why I Hate to Meal Plan

Okay, maybe hate is a bit too strong. I sincerely dislike it. That’s more like it. The simple answer is that I find it an overwhelming time-suck. And honestly, every time I take the time and put in the effort, something changes. Then II end up not even cooking the meals I planned so hard for and…

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